Brown Sugar Labs

Our Brown Sugar Lab is a one-of-a-kind monthly co-working session for women in Kansas City who are business owners, influencers, or women who are thinking about starting a business. We spend 3 hours working towards business & personal goals, then share out our progress at the end for feedback & encouragement!

We have created a consistent space for women entrepreneurs to have uninterrupted time to get work done for their professional and personal growth. Women have attended Labs and made connections for their brands that they may not have otherwise. We feel good knowing that we provide a space where women can give and receive advice, gain insight and truly support each other in our different journeys.

Brown Sugar Workshops

Our Brown Sugar Workshops are designed to advance participant knowledge based on their varying stages of business. Workshops are designed to be hands-on and interactive. Our goal is for every attendee to be able to apply the information received immediately, while it's still fresh on their minds. Additionally, participants have the support of an experienced facilitator on hand to help them if needed and answer any questions that may arise.

Brown Sugar Socials

A major part of creating a community for entrepreneurial women of color is sisterhood. We want our ladies to make sustaining & lifelong friendships where they can be supported throughout and beyond their individual journeys. We do this by providing various local volunteer opportunities and social gatherings that encourage new connections and friendships.